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July 8, 2010


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Hi everyone, I know it has been a long while since I blogged, I have missed blogging so I thought I would bring you a small update. Nessinger Loveless from TART has made the most , lickable ,dress.  The detail on this dress is flawless, from the lace sides, to the little bows that you can attach to your chest and the top of your nylons. She has it in so many different, rich viberant colors, you really outta go check out TART , you will not be disappointed.  Nessy is by far one of the most talented creators I know, and one of kindest ones as well, please do yourself a favor and run down to TART.


Hair: Truth Roxana Reds
Skin: Curio Petal Liquid sky one light
Dress: TART Anna purple
Shoes: Maitreya Esprit black


January 5, 2010

TART and coziness

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Hey everyone it has been a while since I last blogged. Slaps my hand , bad minx. Today I bring you some new warmness from TART.  Nessinger out did herself with these soft warm sweaters with a large selection of color, I am wearing brown  the today. I know shocking I am not wearing her purple!. The detail on the sweater is amazing and you can have them mature or non mature. They also come showing  the bottom of your breast or covering them. I am wearing the non mature sweater with my breast covered. I have paired this sweater up with her new jeans. Now these actually my favorite pair of jeans in game, they replace her old jeans the “crack” jeans, (wipes a tear I am still mourning their deletion). You should do yourself a favor and get the fat pack you won’t be sorry. TART has a new store build again, she is always making TART better for you all. Please rush down and grab your essentials from TART.


Hair: ::69:: INTENSE B- Auburn Collection
Sweater: TART crop sweater brown
Jeans: TART low rise jeans dark denim
Boots: *GF* Long Furr Cuff Boots -brown

November 23, 2009

Winter fun with TART

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Hello everyone!
It has been a long while since I blogged, real life has been messy. Today I bring you TART‘s new sweater dress called Holly. It comes in 18 beautiful shades ! Nessinger took great care in the details in this dress. I feel like skating around in it with my ear muffs and skates for the rest of the day ! This is going to be a short post , I want you to get over to TART and get all the colors.


Hair:>TRUTH< Haper reds
Earmuffs: Render
Mittens: Render
Skates: Chepeaut tres Mignon Fur Ice Skates Black/Silver
Dress: TART Holly Dark purple

September 23, 2009

I Heart Tart

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Hey everyone, today I am bringing you the latest creation from Nessinger Loveless of TART. The dress is called Sofie. It is short and fantastic. The beautiful detail, on the top looks like ruffles, she took great care in creating the dress. She has an amazing selection of colors. This shade of light purple is breathtaking. This is the little black dress everyone needs in their closet. I paired it with this lovely jewelry from Violet Voltaire, the Love in a Void set.  I feel beautiful in this jewelry, look at the beautiful detail of the pearls and the chain. This set looks as if it was made to go with sofia and say “I heart TART”. Please rush down and get the dress. You know  “ you heart TART”.

i heart tart_sideview

i heart tart_frontview

i heart tart_backview

i heart tart_necklace


Hair: >TRUTH Hair< Rose> reds

Skin: :Curio: Petal-Beach 2-Pure

Shoes: Stiletto Moody Bare Katherine (Black)

Necklace:{Violet Voltaire} Love in a Void Necklace: white

Bracelet: {Violet Voltaire} Love in a Void Bracelet : white

Dress: TART Sofie purples

September 9, 2009

Boob Tube

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Well Nessinger Loveless of TART has done it again! She is back to the basics, with these beautiful boob tubes and tube tops. She has nine beautiful colors, with three shades per color , per style. You really can’t go wrong picking up any or all of these colors. The boob tubes  are the short ones, my personal favorite, I of course am wearing purple, I am showing all three shades. They even have the cute TART logo on the back! The longer ones are the tube tops, I am showing all three shades in the longer version as well.  They also come with the cute TART logo on the front right hip. If you haven’t been to the new sim, with her new building , you need to go. She built and designed the whole building, and it is stunning! I will see you there.




Hair:  >TRUTH Hair< Gabby >reds<
Jeans: TART grunge jeans – dark denim
Tube Tops: TART boob tube – purple, and TART tube top – purple
Tennis shoes: AKEYO AKIDAZ III (v1.2)

September 1, 2009

Jones’n For Jeans

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Today I want to share some jeans with you from WMD , created by Oriel Aeon. They are the Wildcat uberlow jeans, they are so detailed right down to the prim cuffs. I had to get them , they are some of the nicest jeans i have seen in game for a while. They have a new build and location, you really outta go and check out the new store and grab the new jeans you will want all the colors.




Hair: >TRUTH< Felicity >reds<

Armband: <-PUNCTURE-> Armband (beads)

Tattoo: AITUI TATTOO- Butterfly Journey

Jeans: *WMD* Wildcat uberlow smoke

Pose: POSEiblity Holdboobs2- custom made creator Kryptonia Paperdoll

Purple Passion

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Today I bring to you , some new stuff from TART , the creator ,genius Nessinger Loveless has been at it again! She has moved to a new sim, and has a stunning new build! She is still having her mad , crazy , crazy low priced sale. She is also having a gift card hunt ! For the outfit today I am wearing her new TART  tanks in purple, she added the perky look to the tank. You have the option of wearing it short or long . I am wearing it long. As for the skirt it is her new basic mini with garters and nylons. The skirt is scripted for easy resizing which I love. The nylons have a sexy seam running down the back of them, which is a nice detail. And she made the boots too, they are called bound , and I love all the little buckles on them. Nessinger always takes great care in her details. She is by far my favorite clothes designer. So do yourself a favor , check out her new store , on the new sim and TART yourself out !




Hair: >TRUTH hair> reds> Freda
Tank: TART TART tanks- purple
Skirt: TART basic mini- black
Boots: TART bound wedge- black

August 29, 2009

Purple Passion

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Hey everyone, today I am going to write about my most favorite clothes maker ever Nessinger Loveless from TART clothing. Today I bring you the outfit Carrie, I of course love it is purple! You can wear it as a pretty short dress, I love how the dress dips down in the back it looks so sexy. Secondly , you can wear as a  body suit , and lastly as a nice  bikini top. There are so many colors to choose from , she has outdone herself in color options. She has taken great care , in working with the detail. Please do yourself a favor and go check out her store, she has a new build up, and has a lot of her beautiful things on sale , that will be discontinued for ever , with crazy , low, low prices.






Hair; >TRUTH Hair< Camilla > reds<
Skin: :Curio: Petal-Beach-Pure
Shoes: Stiletto Moody Bare Katherine (Black)
Dress: TART carrie dress -purple
Body Tank: TART carrie monokini- purple
Halter: TART carrie bandeau- purple

August 14, 2009


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Hey everyone today, I am writing about my friend Reeann Frost ,prim goddes and creator of the best damn piercings in sl , <-PUNCTURE->.  First , on my face I have on the enticing set. It is beautifully detailed, my favorite part is the piece under the lip , oh my goodness  that is well just plain enticing! For my spine I am wearing sexy studs down the back , she took great care and detail in making sure they moved with the body and not all over the place. So you can wear your animated over-riders and not worry about the piercings looking wonky. Then for my belly button and pelvis and over my bottom is the Venus set, it forms a “V” with the piercings moving down the front and back of you, looking inviting and wanting to discover more of where the piercing is leading you! Her piercings are beautiful, high-detailed work. You will not be disappointed, please run don’t walk  and “go get yourself <-PUNCTURED->.



Got-Puncture-pelvis closeup

Got-Puncture-bottom close up

<-PUNCTURE-> Enticing set -face
<-PUNCTURE-> Surface Set (spine)
<-PUNCTURE-> Surface Set Collabone & Chest
<-PUNCTURE-> Venus Surface Set (Belly,Pelvis &Bottom)

Double Expresso

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I just need to take the time and write about Miel Nirvana , of  Miel is becoming my favorite designer very quickly. His creations are so beautiful and his tastes are very similar to mine in clothes. The outfit   I am writing about today , I think is sexy and casual. The shirt has a lace neck piece which makes it looks elegant enough to go out on the town with it, or just complete a day of work , or even hanging out with your best friends. The lovely nylons , with the prim ribbon at the top, is beautiful. All Miel’s prim attachments have re-size  scripts in them which I love. The shorts are  plaid my most favorite fabric ever ! I chose to dress it up with some pumps , that have little bows on them , they bring out the black and white of the shorts and I think tie the whole outfit together nicely. You should really go and check out Miel’s store , you will fall in love just like I did and want to buy everything in there !




Hair: >TRUTH Hair< Leah> reds<
Shoes: (Shiny Things) Lulu pumps -pearl/black

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